GXG Roadmap

Groin Coin Cryptocurrency

Where is Groin Coin Going? 

Groin Goin (GXG) started off as a scrypt coin and quickly switched to the X11 algorithm.  The original coin followed the Bitcoin Core path – initially at 0.8.1 in mid 2014. Now in 2019, Groin Coin has advanced forward to Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 which brings in all sorts of exciting features.  Once the coin stabilizes with the new code, then we have some bigger plans for GXG 2.0 – please stay tuned as we move forward!

GXG Core V1.0 (04/2014) 

–  Initial Coin release
–  Scrypt-based coin
–  Bitcoin core 0.8.1 baseline 

GXG Core V1.1 (06/2014) 

–  Algorithm updated to X11 
–  Incorporated Checkpointing
–  Incorporated DGW3

GXG Core V1.2 (09/2018) 

– Updated to Bitcoin Core 0.16.0  
– Segwit activated with Segwit addressing

GXG Core 1.3 (01/2019)

– Updated to Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 
– Automatic Checkpointing (ACP)

GXG Core 2.0 (04/2019) 

– Updated to Bitcoin Core 0.17.1
–  Masternodes