Groin Coin Core GXG V1.2 Release

Groin Coin Cryptocurrency

Groin Coin Core GXG V1.2 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of GXG Core V1.2 finally. It took much longer than we anticipated, but finally it is here. It advances the coin much farther from a technology standpoint than we planned and we are very excited about it. Now GXG incudes all the features of Bitcoin Core 0.16 and has Segwit fully activated with Segwit addressing. This makes GXG a very state of the PoW coin at this time that can be used with confidence for any application in the adult industry and all of our target markets.

Keep in mind, we are not done yet with the upgrades. As we relaunch the coin with this new code, we have plans on the table to make it much more investor friendly and transition Groin Coin to a fully functional PoW/PoS hybrid X11 coin. There is so much more to come with GXG over the next few months.

So right now, to stabilize our network, it is VERY important to get all our users, miners and mining pools on the new code as soon as possible. We have sent the details to Cryptopia for them to upgrade as well. Keep this is mind please and this is VERY important. Since we are now using Segwit addressing, you cannot send coins from an old wallet to a new updated wallet. Your coins are safe, the wallets just need to be upgraded.

Thanks so much for your patience while we have done these upgrades and we look forward to many more positive announcements in the near future.