Month: March 2018

Groin Coin Cryptocurrency

Moving GXG Forward

OK, we have a functional website up and running, as well as Facebook and Twitter. We will probably add another social medial to the mix in a few days for easier communications. You will now find us on BitcoinTalk under the handle of “Groin_Support”. That is quite appropriate we think. Please get in touch with…
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Groin Coin Re-Launch Update

OK, first my apologies for my absence for a while, but often family situations take precedent over your life. Second, my sincere thanks to all those GXG supporters who have kept mining the coin and buying it on Cryptopia. That all makes the re-launch that much easier. You will notice that we are now active…
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Groin Coin is Back!

Yes, you read it right, Groin Coin, the cryptocurrency with the unforgettable name is making a comeback and will be re-launched very soon.