Thank you so much for visiting us here at GroinCoin.com. We hope that you will find answers to all your questions about us. We recognize in the world of cryptocurrencies, that there are many choices for users and online retailers. Some are better than others, many are without focus or direction. GroinCoin (GXG) is not just any cryptocurrency – it is an activity-specific cryptocurrency, using X11 coupled with DGW3, that is focused on providing a safe and secure transaction alternative for mature (18+) users in three (3) primary business areas.

  • Adult-Oriented Content & Services
  • Gambling / Betting (Online Casinos, etc.)
  • Sportsbooks / Fantasy Sports

Each of these business areas is always looking for additional payment transaction methods for their users with increased privacy and security. GroinCoin offers that! Additionally, the GroinCoin Team is please to provide our users with multiple platforms for transaction business with GroinCoin.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Apple
  • Android

We hope that after you have had the chance to review our website, that you will choose to let Groin Coin support your adult business needs whether online or person-to-person.