The Adult-Themed Cryptocurrency with the Unforgettable Name


The Groin Coin Team recognizes that in the world
of cryptocurrrencies, there are many choices for
users and online retailers - too many!  Some
are better than others - some are without
focus or just poorly maintained and
supported. Groin Coin is NOT like those.

Groin Coin (GXG) is a unique multi-activity
cryptocurrency that relies on the most
recent blockchain technologies to
provide a safe, secure and discreet
transaction alternative for mature
(18+) users in three primary adult
business areas. NOT just one,
like many others. This makes
Groin Coin very unique and gives
it a much broader market appeal. 


Groin Coin (GXG) is the ideal crypto currency for the adult entertainment industry, adult online content providers and other services for mature audiences where privacy and anonymity are key factors for consumers.


It is near impossible for online casinos to get merchant accounts today.  Those that do, have very high fees and added costs due to chargebacks.  GXG eliminates that risk and simplies  all the payment processes. 


The future of sports betting is with cryptocurrecies like Groin Coin that offer low fees and fast transfers for operators and rapid payouts for the end-users. That future is here today with Groin Coin!

Why Choose Groin Coin ?

Let’s be honest, as adults, we all have our vices – there is no way getting around that fact.  …..And like all vices, they cost money.   …..And in many cases, we would like these vices kept private.  ……And in many cases, we do not have just one vice.

As cryptocurrencies now flow into all of our lives, there are so many coins to choose from – hundreds, if not thousands.  You can rest assured, there is a coin especially designed for whatever vice you may have.  HOWEVER, how many different coin types will you need to cover all of your “activities” – Three, four, five?  Do you really want 5 wallets to manage?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just one coin with universal acceptance for all these type of activities.  Plain and simple – Groin Coin is the answer!

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